Month: August 2015

arugula fennel orange salad

arugula, fennel and orange salad

Eruca Sativa. I’ve heard people refer to this distinct salad leaf by a variety of names: Arugula. Rucola. Rocket. Pond weed? Ok so that last one was from a friend who seemed violently opposed to eating the arugula salad I had made for dinner. It seems like people either love it or hate it. When I first encountered arugula, it had been scattered through a mixed leaf salad – the bursts of bitterness throughout the salad and the moorish peppery notes left me searching my plate for more. I had decidedly chosen the love-it camp. When using arugula, I think the key is to use it in moderation and to make sure the leaves are young and not too bitter. Today I made an arugula, fennel and orange salad – a tangle of sweet licorice notes and peppery arugula, highlighted by luscious orange segments and salty bursts of capers and olives. Although Mr. Pepper isn’t a fan of licorice, he enjoyed this salad – I hope you do too! arugula, fennel and orange salad Time: …