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pumpkin spice loaf ingredients

pumpkin spice loaf

With summer having come to an end, the cooler weather of Autumn has been a welcome change. I think Autumn has grown to become one of my favourite seasons, since here in Arizona it offers mild, sunny days and warm, temperate evenings. When October hit this year, I was really excited. Seasonals were everywhere – pumpkin ales, spiced candles and lots of delicious baking goodies. I was intent on sharing the joy with Sister P and brother-in-law Mr. T when they came to visit, so being the master schedule-planner that I am, I figured we could squeeze in a pie-bake one late evening. By the time the pie was baked and cooled, it was well after 2 am. We were all very sleepy and tired, but the smell of freshly baked pie crust (thank you Maggie Beer, I love your sour cream pastry) mingling with pumpkin and spice was all too inviting to let us sleep… yes, we stayed up and we ate it. I wanted to share something special for Fall, and so here …

cheese crackers

cheese and black pepper crackers

With the arrival of warmer weather in recent weeks, I have been moving out of my bear-hibernation mode and away from rich, hot foods. Lately I have been craving light and simple foods, such as vegetables and crackers with hummus. Serious snacking calls for some serious crackers of course, like these cheese and black pepper crackers. Since crackers to me are what cookies are to The Cookie Monster, I usually make a double batch of these. If you’re a serial snacker like me, you might like to try baking these. I made mine with a mexican cheese blend and lots of freshly ground pepper (which made me sneeze a lot, but it was totally worth). Serve with dips, crumble over soups or nibble them on their own.